Can anyone tell me where has the summer gone? It has been ages since I last posted on here and I miss blogging so much, and what better way to start blogging again than to share a sweet treat. By now you are thinking what is Basbousa? Basbousa is a traditional Middle Eastern cake that is made with semolina and is covered with sugary syrup. It has been enjoyed all across the Middle East for quite sometime now during special occasions as well as family gatherings. I have to admit though when I was young I didn’t like Basbousa, maybe because my mom used to make it a lot and I got used to it. I think we can all relate when your mom cooks the same dish over and over, you just come to detest that dish.IMG_4462So recently, I started craving Basbousa and found myself all over Google trying to find a good recipe.This recipe was adapted from Xawaash  so make sure to go and check out their website. The only difference I did is I added tahini to the baking pan when I was brushing with butter.

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